World in Motion

You can’t nail jello to a tree, the saying goes, and it has been the philosophy of the Romney campaign.    It’s not working, and if Romney doesn’t change course soon, he’ll enter the twilight zone inhabited by John McCain, Bob Dole and Walter Mondale as they went through the motions in a campaign whose outcome was already known.

On paper, Romney’s “Jello” strategy made sense.   First, Romney has a record as a solid businessman who saved the Salt Lake City Olympic games (exaggerated credit, but hey – this is politics) and is known as a pragmatic moderate.   He’s in a race against an incumbent suffering an ongoing economic crisis, and whose legislative activism has generated strong antipathy on the right.   Still, Obama has a solid campaign team good at opposition research and not afraid to play rough.

The fear in Romneyworld?   Team Obama will take…

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