The Innocence of Humans

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With all the recent news, I wonder what would happen if we could somehow get Muhammad and Jesus to sit down together and talk. What would they discuss? How would they interact? Would they get angry at one another? My guess is that they would not interact as their followers would in a similar situation. Interactions between differing religions and even cultures can be challenging and sometimes violent. When it comes to Middle East culture versus American culture, and Muslims tradition versus Christian tradition, there has been a unique if not overly violent history. To make it worse, the movie The Innocence Of Muslims (1) has unleashed a wave of Muslim anger. The movie insulted Islam and Muhammad in multiple ways, sparking violence in Libya and Egypt.  On Tuesday September 11th, riots led to an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. J. Christopher Stevens (2), Washington’s…

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