Joni’s Blue

He said I was an old soul,

So I dyed my hair grey,

And let my days consume themselves with thought and thought and thought.


I was familiarizing myself with Buddha’s “The Four Noble Truths”,

But extinguishing the suffering associated with birth, decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, despair, not to get what one wants,

Seems too mundane for me.


Sometimes I watch the smoke escape from my mouth,

And I wonder where it’s going,

And if it thinks too.

Maybe it will befriend a tree,

And become the most beautiful duo in existence.


Filed under Personal, philosophy, Poetry

3 responses to “Joni’s Blue

  1. You need to think about submitting some of the higher rated pieces to journals such as Minnitonka Review… or the poetry pamphlet of your choosing. At your age it will give you exposure common of someone much older… an advantage down the road. The costs are minimal if any. You’ll enter a community that will be able to give you better feedback and guidance in regard to your poetry. I’m not sure sure they’ll be able to help with the “outcast, no one understands me” cliche, but inspriation is valuable wherever it comes from… so keep going. Being “published” is pretty cool. Do it now, what do you have to lose? Good Luck! Let us all know when you get something accepted… I know it will happen, it may just take a number of submissions. You can also submit the same piece to 100 different mags. Pick some and Go, go, go…

  2. Tonya Willman

    love the imagery you portray in this piece well As The thought provoking images.

  3. Ive read the 4 nobal truth’s and some other such. Ive been more leaning into theology and such lately, sorry for not creeping as much hannah; Im so wrapped up in study; and trying to catch up; doing things i need to. Ill be posting things later, i gave small insite on my page if you’d care to look. I love the way you think sometimes.

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