My black and white fractal sheets saved the imprint of his leather peace wristband on their pattern as if it completed the repetitive piece of art that covered my bed,

His tie-dye shirt resembled a mirror in the sun – reflecting  all of its bright and vibrant colors,

His angular face created a leading line towards the disheveled carpet when his brown eyes stationed themselves on me,

I blew my favorite strand of marijuana smoke in his direction and his purposely unkempt hair absorbed it,

My hands found their way to his black and torn belt loops – using them as a tool to maneuver him closer to me; his pelvis to mine,

He held my face in his hands; inquisitively and cautiously,

He pressed himself against me and our bodies amalgamated symphonically,

I kissed him with such passion that regardless of what combination of words I use the moment will be incomprehensible,

His name is Eyra.

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  1. kcaz

    Very interesting

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