Fuck Off

She is the candy from the parade the day before in an alleyway between two vacant bars. The homeless person in the skating rink four streets down screams, “Drive me to another life!” The loquacious drunks walk on candy like it hasn’t been beautifully structured in a factory full of ‘money is life’ people. Oh we’re so unconventional in our Senor Lopez Baja’s longboarding around in a sea of pine needles thrown at us by people who don’t want us in their uninviting  town of shitty pricks. We’re the only people in the entire world if this world was just a city. We’re stagnate in this galaxy, in our ages; sitting outside a bar listening to their country music because we’re not allowed to go inside. Now the excursion has ended and after we reminisce she sends me a picture of her perfectly parted ponytail in attempt to gain approval. We own the trees, the snow, but yet we choose to be miniscule pieces of squished candy on a broken sidewalk not able to be repaired by our fucking tax dollars. We’re homeless if the world was just a house.


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2 responses to “Fuck Off

  1. Thank you for following my blog.

    I’ve read through a few of your recent posts and it reminded me so much of how I used to feel, but you’re far more eloquent than I was.

    All I can tell you is that it gets better. People don’t get any less stupid, but you learn how to spot the less moronic ones and they make you feel less alone.

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