I don’t know this girl, and I found her on the Tumblr, but lately I’ve had a mild obsession with girls who vehemently go against social norms and don’t shave parts that boys and the media says they should shave. Image


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6 responses to “Naturalism.

  1. You say ‘mild obsession’
    …is this in a way that you think it’s brilliant or in the way that you think they should just conform.
    Personally, conform all the way.

    • Yes, I’m conforming to this. I think making unsmooth skin smooth is time consuming and a weird cultural tradition that should be rightfully broken away from. At first I was concerned that guys wouldn’t take a second look at me, then I concluded that if a guy doesn’t respect and admire a girl with that amount of confidence, that they are probably a putrid person. Everyone has hair. That’s like cutting off an arm because society thinks it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Shaving has never made sense to me. Entirely personal question, do you conform to my belief or society’s?

      • Fair enough, I do have admiration for people who decide to do this through their own beliefs and views. I also appreciate to comment you make about guys as whether you shave or not should not influence any relationship based decision at all, well, really it shouldn’t impact any decisions. Personally I conform to society. I believe that shaving is quite a womanly thing to do and I love the feelings of legs being smooth and shaven. I guess it could be seen as conformity to society but I just don’t think not shaving would add anything to my life and I personally prefer it 🙂

  2. Good for her.. I’m a guy, and armpit hair…well it kind of grosses me out, even mine. But at the same rate I’m all for people challenging social norms and liberating themselves!! Great message!!

    • I strongly advocate people branching away from caustic social norms. Personal and maybe offensive question, if you were about to have sex with a girl, and she lifted up her arms to expose copious amounts of hair, would you be off put or entirely enticed?

      • To be honest, I think it might catch me off-guard a little… Bodyhair is not something I would typically embrace with arousal, but I wouldn’t say its a “deal breaker” …for lack of a better term. I’m all for breaking down constricting barriers society has defined. It can be a liberating feeling to know that you do not conform to the social norm. Being divergent from norms is a beautiful thing so its all on the table for me!

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