Dear Love.

To a Past Lover

                Your name starts with “A” and ends with “A” and contains three syllables. Your brown eyes melt into your tan skin, which melts into your dark wavy hair and becomes one condensed ball of shit. You lay me down on my blue velvet couch and touch me ever so gently before you mount me and fuck me. I look back, and catch you admiring yourself – watching your disgusting, long brown hair bounce off of your toned chest as you push me off and onto you again. I tell you I don’t want you to cum inside my mouth like usual — I want to feel you inside me, and you take the hand that was caressing me moments before and push me to the floor, ever so gently. You scold me with the voice that was grunting my name, “You’re a tease, if you don’t do this for me I will leave.” Afraid to be vilified I pursue your wishes. You kiss me goodbye, you love me so much.

I want you to take each side of your carefully parted hair and wrap it around your neck until your face is as grey as my pride on the ground. I want you to take your seductive brown eyes and pluck them out with the fingers you tasted me with. I want you to smash your face into the mirror until you look like me wanting you. I want you to kill yourself.

I love you so much.


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3 responses to “Dear Love.

  1. I want you to expand on this. More, more, more. Please.

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